Aviation art part 3

In earlier posts I wrote about Aviation art and its steps.
Now a more subjective point.

The joy of showing your art in a gllery or invited to do it so, as well as you get hired to develop an art to a gallery.
It is a bit hard to describe this sensation I admit, but I’ll try – for sure.

I already exposed my art in 3 galleries located in different places in country where I leave. In one of them I was asked to stya for 3 months, instead on as initially seted.

It was amazing, but the best was not see them hanged on a wall, but to be questioned by the visitors how it was done, what inspired me to paint it and so on. For me this is the real thermometer to check how the exibhition is going (good or bad).

You know, I think the sensation is of proudness.
I mean not in a silly way, when people thinks they are the best.
Not this way, but the way when you get your job really well done, that you did your best and they are all ther just confirming it.
At this point I tell to anyone, do not gave up from your dreams.


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