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Aviation art - Mistel

Do you know what Aviation art is? (#1)

Aviation Art is one of the multiples division of the art, but focused in flying objects such as aircraft, spaceship, dirigible, rockets,…and no matter what medium is used to elaborate the art.

It is more than that. It is a real specific division of the art that is appreciate by few and for the artists like me, is passion, a way of life. Something that keeps you moving on. Always searching for challenges, improvements, to become as perfect as possible.

In aviation art you can develop works to represent the outer space (sci-fi or not), historical, actual matters, games or comics (graphic novels).

And why did it became in such way popular, because initially in World War I was used to illustrate, demonstrate a battle scene for the public and what was happening in the battle front.
In the World War II, had another role being applied in the advertisements campaigns that could be showed in poster, leaflet, magazine covers and in military recruiting posters regularly commissioned by governments or aircraft industries.

Since then, aviation art has expanded, fostered by art enthusiasts, scale model kit companies, publishers, collectors, government initiatives and so on.

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